Owning an air mattress for kids is tops. Having a kids air mattress for traveling is beats having a cot hand down. Even if traveling overseas this bed folds up nicely and is extremely compact when packed into the trunk. The Shrusks in twin size for just 5-year-olds is lightweight and very sturdy. It is extremely durable and holds air really well.

This is an ideal traveling mattress as the Shrinks come with fitted feet that are designed for kids. They don t just push the mattress to one side for easy packing, but they have a special tongue and groove system fitted to the foot bed which locks the feet together to keep the mattress from moving and also keeps the mattress dry. The air beds for kids come with seams fitted at both ends for a leak proof seal so your child’s sleep is completely protected. The seams are machine sewn and never permanently attached to the bed.

There are several different sizes of air mattresses available from many online retailers such as Just Air, Mattress Warehouse, Zazzle and Ecoforts. The Shrusk mattresses are a popular model. These air mattresses are manufactured from a thick and comfortable PVC foam, which is hypoallergenic and makes an excellent sleep surface. The Shrusk air mattress for kids comes in two sizes, a smaller and larger version, both of which are very suitable for children. Learn more information about  Best and cheap air mattresses

The main differences between the two sizes of Shrusk air mattresses for kids is the thickness. The smaller size is only three inches thick, whereas the larger is eight inches thick. Also the larger sized Shrusk camping mattress is more comfortable due to the extra padding and offers a greater level of support. The lightweight Shrusk camping mattress is also great for camping. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to carry and is extremely durable.

The main difference between a regular air mattress for kids and a heavy-duty pet mattress for kids is the fill. Regular air mattresses use standard fill that is made of paper or fiberfill. Heavy-duty pvc mattresses are made from a much thicker material which is called polyurethane, a superior quality of plastic that is also used in making automotive and boat parts. Therefore, it is obvious that the fill is more durable and does not rupture as easily as regular paper fill.

To inflate the Shrusk mattress for kids, you only need to plug in the supplied adapter, insert the foot, and pump the air until it reaches the proper inflation level. It takes around two and a half minutes to fully inflate a full sized Shurus. Kids can even go ahead and pump it up in thirty seconds. Another great feature about this mattress is that it inflates in 15 seconds, so you won’t have to waste time waiting for it to deflate. In addition, it is a very safe product because all the springs are made from completely safe materials.

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